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News: Interaction

Everyone can participate in the first global online schoolbook

Everyone is most welcome to get involved and support the „Papillon“ project with ist knowledge and engagement. We want to achieve that all children, no matter where they live, can learn future oriented and have fun with that.

Fantasy-Story “GOLD DUST” download for free (PDF) and read.

becoming a translator. That every child can read „GOLD DUST“ and later learn and work with it we want to make the text available in as many languages as possible. Who wants to prove his abilities can get active and translate the text in any other laguage here. The best translation in each laguage will be published as working base and the name of the translator will be mentioned. Please send your translation via mail:

becoming an artist. You have the possibility to design a painting yourself. The craziest ideas are welcomed. Let your favourite part become alive. Draw with the pan, the brush or on the pc. Send your ideas via mail . We will show your work by mentioning your name.

becoming Einstein. The secret how the online book develops out of the GOLD DUST book based on the papillon method will be disclosed at a later time. Just that much: Everyone can participate in the first global online schoolbook and become „Einstein“! Your support is very precious because it will be for the benefit of all. Recommend this side to your friends, parents, and teachers.

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