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Content and Author - GOLD DUST, The Incorruptible, By: Hardyna Vedder, Genre: fantasy

Content: Fascinating fabulous creature and incredible events full of magic create the magnificent scenery for a breathtaking fight between good and evil. GOLD DUST symbolizes the vision we all are searching for, our dearest wish. For that PRINCE ARON OF NUBIA risks everything. He tangles with the gold hat ministers, gets to know the god of dreams phantasos, the gate of illusions, the three days of wonders, and the excessive bird of terror. He lights up the masks of the seven gates and risks a dangerous battle. Together with the beautiful persian, miss monti, he stands in the way of his dark majesty...

Author: The author Hardyna Vedder used to work in different professions before she started to write after long study trips. Based on the idea of writing a childrens book a study project developed which is an example for new paths of imparting knowledge in the 21.Century. Thirst for knowledge and interest in topics taken from literature, history, philosophy, art and religion as well as openness for science, environmental topics and new media have influenced the development of the GOLD DUST trilogy. <<


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