multimediale Lernwelten
Hybrid Learning
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moral judgments and joins the world of fantasy with real knowledge of the worldwide database of the Internet in a refreshing way. Hear the learner can connect real and virtual worlds of learning. He is motivated to develop ideas himself and not only reproduce knowledge learned by heart. “There is a close relationship between knowledge, innovation, growth and prosperity”, says McKinsey head Jürgen Kluge. That is why education is a crucial key factor for growth.

But how would it have helped us knowledge giants if they had the dispositions of dwarfs?”, Hurbert Markel, former president of the Max-Planck Society, said years ago. Even the former German president Johannes Rau warns in his writings that it is important "the educate the whole person – contrary to the pressure to be useful in front of ‘rational idiots'”. Rau wants education for “the mind and feeling, body and soul”, speaks of “analytical abilities and fantasy, the capacity to empathise and the ability to open oneself up to new worlds”. The Papillon educational concept is particularly obliged to follow this approach. It constitutes a concept solution which is geared toward the long-term for a future-oriented teaching method with which the school text book becomes a multi-media offering for teaching. Tangible results can be shown without a lot of effort as the test of the model project at Berlin 's Ellen-Key Grammar School has shown.