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Internet Book The Interconnectedness of Knowledge in the 21st Century


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World Book and Copyright Day – April 23

Literacy is a basic right. It is a fundamental condition for being part of today's knowledge societies. Literacy is a key to reduce poverty and increase economic opportunities. Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world. Nelson Mandela

Read to a Million Kids



Let you inspire and become a Green Child



Change our world

Yunus brings with micro-credits, cell phones and laptops the opportunities for the world's poorest to flourish.



A Vision of K-12 Students Today




German Chancellor Angela Merkel makes historic speech to US Congress:

On November 9, 1989, the Berlin Wall came down. The border that for decades had divided a nation into two worlds was now open. [...]“Ladies and gentlemen, twenty years have passed since we were given this incredible gift of freedom. But there is still nothing that inspires me more, nothing that spurns me on more, nothing that fills me more with positive feelings than the power of freedom.”[...] [...]"Ladies and gentlemen, to sum it up in one sentence: I know, we Germans know, how much we owe to you, our American friends. We as a nation, and I personally, will never forget that."[...]


Happy 40th birthday, the internet. The first message was sent across Arpanet exactly 40 years ago, on 29 October 1969.

The man who sent the first-ever internet message in 1969 recalled the event Thursday at a conference celebrating the 40th birthday of the revolutionary communications network. "It's the 40th year since the infant internet first spoke," University of California at Los Angeles Professor Leonard Kleinrock told a conference of entrepreneurs, computer scientists and technology pundits. "The internet is a democratizing element; everyone has an equivalent voice. There is no way back at this point. We can't turn it off. The internet age is here." "The net is penetrating every aspect of our lives," Kleinrock said. "As a teenager, the internet is behaving badly. The dark side has emerged. The question is, when it grows into a young adult will it get over this period of misbehaving?"

To show the good side of the Internet is the concern of the online book GOLD DUST.


Digital textbooks

can be defined as core textbooks for students, with which students can learn contents that are tailored to their abilities and interests. Digital textbooks offer various interactive functions, and provide the learner with a combination of textbooks, reference books, workbooks, dictionaries and multimedia contents such as video clips, animations, and virtual reality, both at school and at home, without the constraints of time and space. In other words, digital textbooks are alive and in motion, and as such are literally living and moving textbooks that construct and create the knowledge not only of individual learners, but also the community, and support and manage the teaching and learning activities of teachers and learners. Learners can create their own textbooks while using the digital textbook, underlining the important parts, taking notes, and ultimately combining the contents with high-quality, reliable knowledge that is their own.





Explore the themes.


Schools ‘failing to fire the imagination'

Academics and researchers at the University of Cambridge said that the curriculum was “increasingly but needlessly compromised by the standards agenda”. Half of school time was taken up by literacy and numeracy, with everything else crammed into the time left. “In these severely utilitarian and philistine times, it has become necessary to argue the case for creativity and the imagination on the grounds of their contribution to the economy alone. The most conspicuous casualties are the arts, the humanities and those kinds of learning in all subjects which require time for talking, problem-solving and the extended exploration of ideas.”



Arnold Plans Digital Learning for Californian School Kids

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has announced plans to phase out school textbooks in favor of digital learning aids as the state looks to plug its massive budget hole.

"Kids, as you all know, today are very familiar with listening to their music digitally and online and to watch TV online, to watch movies online, to be on Twitter and participate in that and on Facebook," Schwarzenegger said.

"The textbooks are outdated, as far as I'm concerned, and there's no reason why our schools should have our students lug around these antiquated and heavy and expensive textbooks.

California is the first state in the United States to introduce such an initiative, Schwarzenegger said.


Online Schoolbook GOLD DUST as OpenCourseWare

An OpenCourseWare is a free and open digital publication of high quality educational materials, organized as courses. The OpenCourseWare Consortium is a collaboration of more than 200 higher education institutions and associated organizations from around the world creating a broad and deep body of open educational content using a shared model. The mission of the OpenCourseWare Consortium is to advance education and empower people worldwide through opencourseware.

You are invited to include the online schoolbook GOLD DUST in your lessons. Please contact : and give us your valuable comments.


How to Promote Reading

Global Action Week 2009: Open Books, Open Doors


A computer is not a magic box

"A computer in the classroom is a great thing," says Craig Barrett Intel's ‘Professor chip'. "But he is not a magic box. The magic doesn't come from the machine. The magic comes from the teacher. He has to excite, inspire and promote creativity of students. "


Humboldt as an Added Value Resource - universal and humanistic

Universal standards of Humboldt's educational ideals :"‘Education, truth and virtue' must be disseminated to such an extent that the ‘concept of mankind' takes on a great and dignified form in each individual."

Humboldt's work [...] will help to clarify the central problems and questions of recent educational theory as matters concerning all of us, and also help to resolve issues which require further theoretical and practical analysis'.”

Future model Humboldt (in German) A plea for education in character of the world consciousness



14th International Conference on Technology Supported Learning & Training

The Internet, New Media, Social and Cultural Revolutions: Michael Wesch's Keynote

Identity, Communication and New Networks: Keynote from Norbert Bolz


“Papillon” [“Butterfly”] educational concept on platform of Rice Universitiy, USA

Online platform Connexions is a nonprofit project for the publication of textbooks and learning materials on the Internet. Connexions offers users the possibility to find high-quality educational materials. The material is freely available in the network. Every month are 850 000 people from over 200 countries on the online archive.


One Laptop per Child association, OLPC-TV


„GOLD DUST“ adventure on


Knol is open to everyone

Peer-reviewed encyclopedia from Google. Articles are written by named contributors. "Everyone knows something. See what people are writing about, then tell the world what you know: “ Cedric Dupont, Product Manager and Michael McNally, Software Engineer


Learning in the 21st century

"What we have to try is to mediate students creativity and responsibility to enable them to help themselves in life. What we are able to do is not enough anymore." Karl Fisch, Director of Technology, Arapahoe High School (AHS) Centennial, Colorado, USA


The Literacy Project

A resource for teachers, literacy organizations and anyone interested in reading and education, created in collaboration with LitCam, Google, and UNESCO's Institute for Lifelong Learning.


Tell a friend: "GOLD DUST", English edition

Now you can read the fantasy story "GOLD DUST" in English (PDF), translated from the German by Brigitte Goldstein.


The decision has been made!

The winner of the competition "become an artist" is called Oliver Wetter, digitalillustrator and designer. His painting "The source" will be used for the fantasy story "Gold dust", the core of the digital teaching concept "Papillon".



Papillon participates in the educational project "One Laptop per Child " ( OLPC )

Talks Nicholas Negroponte: One Laptop per Child, two years on

Nicholas Negroponte talks about how One Laptop per Child is doing, two years in. Speaking at the EG conference while the first XO laptops roll off the production line, he recaps the controversies and recommits to the goals of this far-reaching project.

You can contribute here




Textbook of the digital teaching concept download for free (PDF).

Information about Author and content


christmas present in just a few days

Soon the“GOLD DUST” book will be available to download for free. Later this book will be published as online book (according to the papillon principle). Everyone can participate in developing the first online book.

The fantasy story “GOLD DUST” is a combination of grand adventure, magical effects and special learning.


Education is great preparation for…

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